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Kindle2 vs iPod – Prize Fight

Having personally used Kindle1 and iPod Touch, I think this is a no contest.
iPod is the god’s device for music. Kindle is a good device for books.
There are suddenly a few applications in the AppStore for books on iPod.
While this may sound (or read) like a good idea at first, there are a few differences between iPod and Kindle that make Kindle a winner for books:
1. Kindle screen size (6″ diagonally) and resolution (600×800 pixels) is much larger than iPod’s screen size (3.5″ diagonally) and resolution (320×480 pixels). This means you will have to scroll much less when reading a book on Kindle versus reading it on an iPod.
2. Kindle uses a technology for display called “E-Ink® electronic paper display”, where as iPod screen is backlit, which causes eye strain when reading for more than a few minutes for most users.
3. Battery life: According to Kindle2 specification you can read on a single battery charge for up to two weeks with wireless off and 4 days with wireless on. iPod Touch specification lists a 36 hours of audio and 6 hours of video playback time. Again this means Kindle2 has a huge advantage over iPod with respect to battery life.

So the winner is Kindle2.

You can checkout Kindle 2 information here.
You can check out iPod spec sheet here


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been using the Kindle for over a year and have really grown to love it. It took some time getting used to it at first as I love reading paper books and magazines. However, the benefits of Kindle cannot be matched. I’m able to read several books and magazines from just one device which is great when I travel. I find the Kindle to be easy on my eyes and recently I have been able to read longer for some reason in one sitting than I do with a paper book. I did try to use Stanza application on my iPod but I was not able to read more than a page before getting into usability issues and hating it.

  2. […] The Kindle is definitely the device of choice for serious book reading. Check out my post on Kindle2 vs. iPod to know why. Also checkout viewer responses to the CNET article here. Thus I think Mr. Bezos knows […]

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