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Five reasons Kindle 2’s ROL feature Rocks!

One cool thing about Kindle is its ability to read out loud (ROL) a book to you. This is also referred to as text-to-speech.
There has been a minor uproar regarding this feature as it is claimed
to violate the copyright of authors. The contention is that an audiobook’s rights are
treated as separate from those of a printed book.
I can think of a few situations where the ROL feature will be very useful for a book:
1. As is obvious this can really open up the door for visually impaired people
by making many more books available to them.
2. In situations where previously one could not read, ROL feature will benefit.
Imagine being able to consume a book with this feature while doing daily chores,
preparing meal, driving a car.
3. Reading at night in bed will benefit from ROL feature. Imagine not keeping your spouse/ partner awake because of the night light.
4. ROL can allow shared book listening. This may increase the amount of time family spends together by shared reading of books. It is also possible to think of a “listening party” for kids, similar to traditional book reading parties.
5. It will allow reading a book with your eyes closed which mean less eye strain. That idea seems very appealing after the amount of time lot of people spend in a day looking at computer, TV, mobile displays.

Now I am waiting for the day when the text-to-speech voice can sound more close to a live human reader…


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