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Can you Read Kindle with Lights Off?

Before I bought my Kindle, I had this question at the back of my mind. I was wishing the answer was yes. Unfortunately it turns out that the answer is a No. This is because Kindle uses the E Ink technology,
which is great in that it does not need a backlight. No backlight has the advantage of causing no eye strain. However because of this same reason, it actually requires to be used in an area which has illumination. However here are a few solutions which can allow you to read at night without bothering your partner too much.
1. Kindle booklights are small lights which are custom made to fit on kindle and illuminate the screen.
The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Light is a battery operated accessory that is custom designed to illuminate Kindle by clamping on to it. It requires AAA batteries.
2. Amazon Kindle2 has Read out loud (text-to-speech) feature. So you can turn off the lights, shut your eyes and listen to the book being read to you. See more information about this in my post here.

Go here to checkout Amazon Kindle 2 information.


One Response

  1. it’s easy to imagine the Kindle being combined with the functionality of a cell phone, PDA and mp3 player to make an all-in-one gadget

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