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E-books don’t excite Apple

Today iPhone App store has a new app- Kindle App for iPhone.
This makes me believe Apple is not seriously interested in going after E-Book market. Otherwise they would have either come up with their own ecosystem for books for iPhone, iPod devices and may be would have blocked the Kindle iPhone app.
At first glance, for amazon this may seem like a risky move. Some people might think this can eat into their sales of Kindle. However as I think more about this, it seems like a clever move. This is because Amazon can sale more kindle e-books using this approach. This will allow them to tap into the iPhone users base by selling them kindle e-books. This is likely to be a new user base for Kindle books. As far as potentially reducing the sales of Kindle device is concerned, for avid book readers it is a non-issue. The Kindle is definitely the device of choice for serious book reading.
Check out my post on Kindle2 vs. iPod to know why.
Also checkout viewer responses to the CNET article here.
Thus I think Mr. Bezos knows what he is doing here.


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