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Bezos announces Kindle DX

On May 6, 2009 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Kindle DX which will be a larger in size compared to Kindle 2. Kindle DX will be available in summer 2009.

Kindle DX has 9.7 inch diagonal screen size compared to 6 inch diagonal size of Kindle 2. Also Kindle DX can hold about 3500 books compared to Kindle 2 which can hold about 1500 books. This is due to the 4GB internal storage capacity of Kindle DX out of which 3.3 GB is available for use content. In comparison Kindle 2 has 2GB internal capacity with 1.4 GB available for user content. Also the new notable feature of Kindle DX is its native support of PDF files.

Kindle DX with its larger size is targeted towards students reading text books, professionals reading personal and professional documents, and generally everyone interested in reading newspapers, magazines in addition to regular books.

Six US universities including Princeton University, Pace University (New York), Arizona State University, Case Western Reserve University, Reed College and University of Virginia (Darden School of Business) are conducting a pilot program which will provide Kindle DX to students and faculty in participating courses in Fall 2009.

Kindlex DX is priced at $489 and can be pre-ordered here.


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  1. My daughter who is a undergrad at Stanford will really like a Kindle DX with all her textbooks on it.

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